ge atomicaSince the year of foundation in 1946, the objective of Fasti is to design and manufacture very high quality automatic chain making machines with reliability and precision features that remain intact throughout its durability.

Machine models launched in the initial years from the foundation of Fasti remain milestones in the gold production market and are widely esteemed for unaltered precision in their functions.

Fasti’s very first customers are found in the national territory; consolidated and historical gold companies which establish a close synergy with Fasti that leads to a rapid development of its catalog where dozens of new models are planned and launched in a short time span.

Fasti reaches out to the world, foreign market embraces Fasti’s automatic chain making machines produced with inconceivable quality and industrial standards until then. The young company in Montalto Dora contributes to the strong growth of the jewellery industrial technology worldwide; those are years of strong expansion from engineering to production phase.

salda laserIn the 80s, Fasti is the first company to adopt laser welding of chain directly on the machine, interpreting and thus solving extreme productivity problems encountered in the modern production of chains from precious metal; small size wires and a wide variety of alloys and purity in use are now accessible to all producers.

Hence the birth of a range of laser for chains with power and reliable systems, today considered to be essential for jewellery producers aligned with the highest quality standards and efficiency.

Fasti, after almost 70 years of activity, always preserves its original objectives, decades of strong experience in the sector in direct contact with the production environment. The knowledge achieved is extended to its customers in terms of more efficient and reliable machines.

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