fasti chain


After almost seventy years of activity in the field of chain making machines for the jewelry market, the brand Fasti, today, is an image of excellence renown worldwide for innovation, quality, reliability, customer support and service.

Fasti is not just this, it’s a company that assists companies by integrating mechanical and electronic automation solutions in its production process to achieve higher productivity, accuracy and efficiency.

What distinguishes us is the style we present ourselves to customers worldwide, respecting traditions and cultural differences, which is reflected in close relations with customers, almost like a family; our way in managing a business partnership.

Our motto: Customer satisfaction forever

Thanks to the professionalism and availability of our staff and the extensive presence in various countries, service offered by Fasti is a guarantee. The unceasing information exchange with customers helps us to improve products and services continously.

Our company patrimony: Human resources and environment

Fasti scrupulously respects environment, health and safety legislations to protect its employees and the territory where activity is conducted, a priceless patrimony.

Each Fasti product undergoes an in-depth test and it complies with regulations in accordance to Directives and International Standards of the countries in which the product is marketed.

The company dedicates resources each year to improve work environment and to support social and humanitarian projects, such as scholarships, financial support to schools, economic aid to countries affected by natural disasters and contributions to international organizations, in particular, Doctors Without Borders.

Our mission: Always seeking better solutions

Through the efforts and passion of all who believes that there is always something to improve, we develop new technology with safe and responsible solutions enabling our customers to achieve their goals.

Our vision: Teamwork makes the difference.

Our “extensive” team integrated in the production line stretches from designers to engineers, from sellers to customers and from collaborators to users. With the contribution of each and everyone, success is guaranteed.

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