Typologies Beads


Machines for ball chains and single beads production

Chain made up of hollow spherical elements joined by wire sections (loose balls to be added) The ball chain is made up of alternating spherical elements connected by suitably shaped pieces of wire. This chain is produced using two semi-finished products: a round wire and a ribbon cut to a width equal to the length of the sphere’s diameter. The round wire is pressed in steps, resulting in a sequence of joined elements made up of a cylindrical stem and two heads; the resulting wire is passed inside a draw-plate, where the ribbon is bent to form a tube; together, the shaped wire and the ribbon bent into a tube advance into the second station, where the tube is pressed into the shape of a sphere, with two holes in which the shaped wire is positioned. At the exit of the second press moulding station, the shaped wire, whose elements are still joined together, pass over a curve, which causes the elements to separate from one another, while continuing to hold the spheres together. Depending on the dies used, the spheres can take on different shapes, such as cylinders, ovoids, barrels, tops, etc.