Loose Balls

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SB20 loose ball gold chain machine


Model suitable for tube production of medium-big size balls, ovals and barrels by simply changing tools. Machine on stand, three phase power supply, variable speed, forced lubrication and tube end sensor. Use of compressed air is necessary.


Automatic machine for tube production of medium and big size LOOSE BEADS. The machine is equipped with a spindle that moves and rotates the tube. The number of stops that may be made for each step of tube feeding in the moulds is fully programmable. This feature can help address the most challenging needs when it comes to complex bead geometries, thin tubes or when holes that are very small if compared to the bead diameter are required. The considerable length of the mould holders means that it is possible to use moulds with a large number of stops, thus allowing a smooth progression of the tube-deforming process, and consequently improving the quality of the finished bead. The stroke of the mould stops is progressive and incremental, always to the benefit of the quality that can be achieved."

Technical details

  • Balls diameter 6.00 - 20.00 mm
  • Speed 25 Balls / Min


  • Industria 4.0

    This option allows FASTI machines to be equipped with the “connection and integration” characteristics required by the “Industry 4.0” standard.

SB20 machine in operation

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