Loose Balls

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SB5 loose ball gold chain machine


Machine on stand, single phase power supply, variable speed, forced lubrication, strip end and tube end sensor, ball passage sensor. Model suitable for production of medium-small size balls, ovals, barrels from tube and strip by simply changing tools. Use of compressed air is necessary.

  • Industry 4.0

  • Main features
  • Balls diameter: 1.80 - 6.00 mm
  • Speed: 160 RPM

SB5 machine in operation

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The SB5 automatic machine is suitable for the production of loose beads, from plate or tube, for small and medium loose beads dimensions. In the case of plate production, the machine works with a coil of plate sheared to a precise width, which is later drawn into a cylindrical tube by an extruder placed before the pressing station. The tube thus obtained, which is not welded, passes into the moulds where it is shaped into a small round, oval, cylindrical or cube bead, depending on the moulds that have been used. In the case of welded tube production, a spindle with self-centering pincers gradually feeds the tube. This is a completely mechanical machine which guarantees high productivity and precision. This characteristic makes it a suitable model to be used both in goldsmith workshops, where frequent changes of tools and measures are needed, and in industries: here, the SB5 machine can be used in batteries set on fixed measures and fed with large quantities of tubes.

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