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RU ball rolling gold chain machine


Machine on stand, single phase power supply, variable speed for ball feeding, centesimal adjustment of ball diameter. Model suitable for rendering ball surface perfectly even and reducing the external diameter through a rolling process between two grooved discs.

  • Industry 4.0

  • Main features
  • Balls diameter: 2.00 - 12.00 mm
  • Speed: 300 RPM

RU machine in operation

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RU automatic machine for the vertical rolling of loose beads with one hole, two holes or no holes. The machine is equipped with a vibrator, which supplies the batch to be rolled, and with two vertical discs, one of them rotating and the other fixed, with circular grooves of a definite diameter. The rolling of the beads, which are loaded into the discs by the vibrator, is carried out in a 3/4 turn until the rotating disc reaches a slot (placed on the fixed disc) for the unloading of the beads. When there are no more beads in the vibrator, the rolling cycle for that batch of beads ends. A new batch, or the same one, can be (re)loaded for further rolling. The rolling function is needed to ensure aesthetic consistency and a perfect roundness of every single bead, so that it can subsequently undergo a dressing process. Moreover, rolling is a fundamental process in case one wants to control the external diameter of the bead, the diameter of the hole, if any, or to close existing small holes.

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