Horizontal Rolling Machine

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RO horizontal ball rolling gold chain machine


Machine on stand, programmable and adjustable disks convergence in the working cycle, programmable number of rotations and rolling speed. Without tools, in compliance with CE Standard. Power Supply 230V/50 Hz.

  • Industry 4.0

  • Main features
  • Balls diameter: 2.00 - 20.00 mm

RO machine in operation

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RO automatic machine for the horizontal rolling of loose beads with one hole, two holes or no holes. The machine is equipped with two horizontal discs, one of them rotating and the other one fixed, with circular grooves of a definite diameter for rolling and calibrating loose beads. The rolling function is needed to ensure aesthetic consistency and a perfect roundness of every single bead, so that it can subsequently undergo a dressing process. Moreover, rolling is a fundamental process in case one wants to control the external diameter of the bead, the diameter of the hole, if any, or to close existing small holes. The loading of the balls inside the grooves is performed manually. The number and duration of the rolling cycles, as well as the approaching of the disks by centesimal increments for each turn can be managed from the operator panel.

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