Rosario and Loose Balls

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SB5R rosario gold chain machine


Automatic machine for clamping of balls, ovals and barrels produced from strip or tube on existing chains by programmable and alternated pitch. It is possible also to produce loose balls and beads from strip or tube, by deactivating the chain feeding group and by chaining the set of tools. Machine on stand, single phase power supply, variable speed, forced lubrification, strip/tube end sensor, chain end sensor, electronic spool. Use of compressed air is necessary.

  • Industry 4.0

  • Main features
  • Rosario bead dimensions : 2.50 - 6.00 mm
  • Max pitch between beads: 150 mm
  • Max bead length: 15 mm
  • Loose bead dimensions: 1.80 - 6.00 mm
  • Speed: 160 Beads / Min

SB5R machine in operation

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Automatic chain-making machine for ROSARY CHAINS and LOOSE BEADS. The SB5 machine manufactures beads or cylindrical elements from molding and crimping sheets and then inserts them on an existing chain. The machine is operated by two coils: the first contains a chain (e.g., a Venetian chain, a cable chain, a curb chain etc.), while the second contains a plate cut to a precise width. The plate passes through a mold that shapes it into a tube. Inside the tube, the chain moves forward at a programmable pace; meanwhile, the molds form a bead and secure it on the chain itself. The distance between the beads can be programmed electronically, at a constant or alternating pace, in almost infinite combinations. The resulting chain is automatically rolled up onto a coil. We offer a vast selection of molds for different diameters and shapes, which can be quickly and easily assembled on the machine thanks to the great accessibility and adjustability of the SB5R machine. This machine can also be fed with a welded tube, provided that the chain is previously inserted inside. It is furthermore possible to convert the machine so that it can produce loose beads from a tube by equipping it with a spindle with self-centering pincers, in order to feed the tube itself. There are a wide range of dies available for different diameters and shapes, which can be quickly and easily mounted thanks to the SB5R machine’s excellent accessibility and ease of adjustment. The machine can also be fed with a welded tube, taking care to insert the chain inside beforehand. it is also possible to convert the machine to produce loose balls from tubes, by equipping it with the spindle with self-centring grippers for the advancement of the tube itself.

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