Elastic Ball

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PL ball gold chain machine


Machine on stand, single phase power supply, variable speed, forced lubrication, wire end and strip end sensors, automatic chain winder, wire straightener. Model is suitable for the production of elastic ball chain and chain of various shapes (balls, ovals, cylinders, barrels and mixed) by simply changing tools. It is also possible to produce loose balls. Simple and double advancement. Coining stroke centred on wire axis.

  • Industry 4.0

  • Main features
  • Wire diameter: 1.20 - 5.00 mm
  • Speed : 200 Balls / Min


The PLE automatic machine is suitable for the production of ELASTIC BALL CHAINS of medium-large size. The machine works with a spool of elastic material, a spool of wire and a spool of plate, sheared to a precise width. The chain is manufactured following the traditional BALL CHAIN method, where the wire and the plate are pressed together to form a single chain of wire and ball elements joined together by means of two coining stations. By adding the elastic element to the inside of the ball joining pin (which is empty, in this case), it is possible to create a sequence of beads joined together, which can expanded to form elastic bracelets. The machine can also produce the whole range of bead chains typical of the PLL model by simply changing the tools and the specific settings.

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