Laser welding

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fl150 laser gold chain machine

ND Yag laser for automatic and precise spot welding, suitable for all types of traditional chain making machines (curb, cable, venetian, bismark, etc.) covering a wide range of wire diameter and speed.


Fasti welding lasers are specially developed to perform into automatic production processes that require great precision and speed. Thanks to a power range from 50W to 150W, wheels equipment, optical fiber and focusing head, their versatility is the winning key, making them easily coupled and positioned within any production lines. The new Fasti laser generation is equipped with a touch screen control panel, high quality laser beam, high modulation at low power (for very small wire sizes), ethernet connectivity, usb tethering connection for remote assistance, time sharing and power sharing devices connections.


  • Industria 4.0

    This option allows FASTI machines to be equipped with the “connection and integration” characteristics required by the “Industry 4.0” standard.

  • High speed

    This machine allows for high-speed production.

  • Laser

    The machine is predisposed for production of laser welded chain.

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