Closed Beads by tube with programmable drilling

For the first time ever, a fully automated process to produce beads with no holes, one hole or very small holes directly from a tube


tagliafora CS

The challenge

1. Obtaining closed beads directly from the tube.
2. Drilling a single side of the beads obtained from the tube.
3. Making two or more staggered holes with a 90° or 180° precision increment which can be obtained by means of drill cutters.

tagliafora CS1

The solution

We have designed progressive molds which allow a drastic deformation of the tube, up to the point where it closes on itself. (closed beads). We have furthermore created an extra device which allows the cutting and drilling of the beads as soon as they are removed from the molds, thus making it possible to get to the final product within the machine cycle.

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