From today the Basket chain is machine-made.

Not only fashion, but jewellery as well.


Borsa CSTL4

The challenge

What really distinguishes it is its extreme thickness, which is in turn the result of manual production. Its production begins with open round rings sawn from a round wire and chained manually using a pair of manual pliers in order to allow their threading.

A temporary deformation of the ring is indeed needed because the extreme thickness of the chain is the mechanism that allows the rings to be held together, without the need for welding.


The solution

A cutting-edge mechanical system for the production of a high-density chain.

The Basket Chain

This chain is mainly used in the fashion industry, and therefore made of non-precious material. It can be found in handles and decorations for fashion accessories, handbags, footwear and clothing, with very large wire sizes ranging from 1.00 mm up to 4.00 mm.
The Basket chain is mainly used for costume jewellery and for bracelets whose big dimensions and heavy weight require that they be exclusively brass-made.

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