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FZALL laser figaro rolo gold chain machine


Machine on stand, aluminium cover with laser radiation protective glass, variable speed, forced lubrication, end wire and density chain sensor, fixed wire spools (2), electronic chain collecting plate, complete with n.2 focusing head supports, binocular support, selection of links sequence and number by control panel, adjustable single laser shot for left and right link, laser shoot parameters selection by control panel (only with new generation fasti lasers).

  • Industry 4.0

  • Laser

  • Main features
  • Wire dimensions: 0.18 - 1.00 mm
  • Speed: 60 maglie/min

FZALL machine in operation

cover video1


The FZAL automatic machine produces alternated Rolò cable chains and Belcher chains by means of a “vertical” system with a fixed plug and jaws that shape the link and ensure a perfect control of its dimensions, flawless coplanarity and parallelism. Thanks to the presence of two separate and independent link-forming stations, it is possible to produce chains consisting of two rings of different shape and wire section, whose alternating pattern can be programmed. This machine can work with round, half-round, square, triangular, and rectangular threads to make round, oval, rhomboid, parallel, and patterned ring shapes. The FZAL machine can be equipped with different laser welding for right and/or left ring; this means it is particularly suitable for those chain links with an oblong or parallel shape. A user-friendly touch control panel helps program it and displays laser welding parameters.

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