Chinese Rope

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GEC chinese rope gold chain machine


Machine on stand, single phase power supply, variable speed, forced lubrication, chain presence sensor, two air blowers, mechanical wire tensioner, fixed spool, electronic chain collecting plate. Model suitable for production of small chains. Use of compressed air is necessary.


The GEC automatic machine produces Chinese Rope chains, a chain model which reproduces the pattern of the Rope chain through the peculiar shape of the link ring, which is in turn produced by the combination of the chain bodies. If chained in sequence, they create the typical Rope chains spiral effect. This model is suitable for the production of small and medium chains. The machine can work with round, previously shaped or laminated wire, to make the finished chain shine. The machine can also work with hollow wire.

Technical details

  • Wire dimensions 0.23 - 0.60 mm
  • Speed 140 RPM


  • Industria 4.0

    This option allows FASTI machines to be equipped with the “connection and integration” characteristics required by the “Industry 4.0” standard.

  • High speed

    This machine allows for high-speed production.

  • Laser

    The machine is predisposed for production of laser welded chain.

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