Side cut Cable

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FZF cable gold chain machine


Machine on stand, single phase power supply, variable speed, forced lubrication, wire end sensor, chain density sensor, fixed spool, fixed chain collecting plate. Model suitable for the production of small, medium and big size chains. Versions with normal, medium and big size cams according to wire dimension.


The FZGL automatic machine for side-cut cable chain was designed to satisy the need to produce a chain where the joint was placed laterally to the ring, and not at its head. Using this system, it is possible to avoid welding those chains that are later intended to be joined in Bismark chains of 2 or more rows. As a matter of fact, the lateral position of the link joint allows welding the joint itself and the two contiguous chains which form the Bismark chain in a single step on the BML Bismark machine. This machine model is suitable for the production of side-cut chains, with small and medium wire.

Technical details

  • Wire dimensions 0.25 - 1.80 mm
  • Speed 160 RPM


  • Industria 4.0

    This option allows FASTI machines to be equipped with the “connection and integration” characteristics required by the “Industry 4.0” standard.

  • Laser

    The machine is predisposed for production of laser welded chain.

FZGL machine in operation

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