tst milanese mesh machine detailA new TST - "Milanese Mesh" automatic machine was recently introduced at VICENZA ORO T-GOLD Exhibition in January 2017.

The main features of this new model are increased productivity and precision; the spiral maker is powered by a brushless motor which reaches a maximum speed of 3,000 r.p.m. while the accuracy and repeatability of the spiral is controlled electronically to ensure a constant spiral length.

The TST Machine wire range is from 0,20 mm to 1,00 mm and the machine can be tooled for production of Single or Double Mesh and for a maximum mesh width up to 550 mm.

The short set up time, easy-to-use features and the full programmability of working parameters make it an ideal machine for both small laboratories and big industries structured for small and large high quality Milanese Mesh production.
An optional wire lubrication and cooling system to ensure a constant tension and regularity of operation is also available.

The TA Milanese Cutting tool and RTS Hammering Tool for cutting and finishing the mesh edges complete the manufacturing process of the Milanese Mesh.

ta cutting tool milanese mesh 2017 rts hammering tool milanese mesh 2017

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